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Qn.1: Image extraction at best quality:

Within this question, the aim is to extract at best quality a specified frame from video footage recorded in different CCTV system file formats. Best quality should be understood to mean: minimum degradation with respect to its form within the source file, aiming for 1:1 pixel mapping. In other words, please submit the specified frames in this raw form without attempting to restore, e.g., true to life aspect ratio, or performing any other image operations.

Question 1A.

  • Download the Zip File: XVis TestE, 7m distance, high-elevation example and extract its contents to a new folder.
    A player and files required for it to run are provided in the folder 'Player'. The folder '20140508' contains a video file in the .drv format as well as .sig metadata file (at the bottom of the folder tree in the folder titled 'Normal'.)
  • Extract the first frame of the file (from timestamp 'PM 04:43:01 2014/04/28') at best quality (see definition given above) using either
  1. the replay software supplied and the procedure described below, and
    submit your result using the filename 'Q1A_ReplayDescribed_YOUR INITIALS', or,
  2. some other method (with or without the replay software) if a preferable result is achievable, and submit your result using the filename 'Q1A_OtherMethod_YOUR INITIALS'
  • Procedure: How to replay the footage using the Provided Replay Software:
    • The replay software can be run by double clicking 'DVR_Player.exe'. The software is self contained and does not require installation.
    • Click the 'Play' style button on the bottom of the GUI. A Window titled 'Data List' will appear
    • Click 'Open' at the top of this window. A new window titled 'Source' will appear. Select the appropriate drive and navigate to the folder titled 'Normal' which contains the .drv file.
    • Ensure that you double click on the folder icon against 'Normal' so the icon changes from a closed folder to an open folder (the contents of the folder will not be shown).
    • Click 'OK' to confirm the selection which closes the window titled 'Source'
    • Click 'Playback' at the bottom of the window titled 'Data List'. A new window titled 'Playback' will appear.
    • Click 'OK' at the top-right of the window titled 'Playback'. After a moment or two, the footage will begin playing back.

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