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Qn.2: Super-Resolution:

In this question, the aim is to use the material available in the supplied video frames to create a single enhanced image using super-resolution enhancement such that the characters of the number plates are shown with greater clarity.

The number plates used in this exercise are composed of random numbers and letters from the UK number plate alphabet. The number and letter combinations will therefore not necessarily follow the legal format specified by any particular country.

Question 2C (Optional).

  • Download the following Zip File: TestH, 7m distance, high-elevation example containing video footage and replay software and apply super-resolution to attempt to enhance the number plates as best as possible (See Question2B for guidelines on how to use the provided archive).
  • Submit your selected best result using the filename 'Q2C_SuperRes_YOURINITIALS'.
    If you wish to submit multiple results, e.g., for various procedure or tools and/or for each license plate, use the filenames 'Q2C_SuperRes_ProcedureNUMBER_PlateNUMBER_YOURINITIALS' and adapt/extend the answer form so that each procedure/tool used and number plate can be identified uniquely and all your results can be reproduced by another person.
    How to number the plates is illustrated in the previous question.

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