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SFIVE Privacy Statement/Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

By using our website you consent to this Privacy Statement/Policy as well as the Disclaimer/Terms of Use notice available on this server.

The server on which this website is hosted may log various access statistics in order to track the usage of the services it hosts. You should understand that the website hosting company may thus also have access to the information stored on this server or passing through its (network) infrastructure.

Additionally, this server may log TCP/IP network meta-data information for implementing various security measures.

The website may also use cookies in order to track your use of certain services and provide a more personalized experience.

When registering for this site you will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and other contact details.

We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties your identifiable (meta-)information.

Private persons, companies or other non-profit organizations are not allowed to (seek to) promote themselves in any way by referring to this website. The Project Team may seek to sue or prosecute anyone that incorrectly refers to or uses any kind of Project (meta-)information.

(Scientific) authors may contact the Project Team at any time, in order to obtain correct citation and bibliographical information about the Project.

The Project Team may use some of the (meta-)information made available on or deduced from the use of this server in order to:

  • demonstrate the relevance of this project to the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) and/or the European Commission, or,
  • analyze certain data in order to reach or advance any of the Project Goals outlined on the public project webpages.

However, any publications, statistics or other results obtained from (the use of) this website will only be represented in an anonymous manner.

Specific additional details or changes to the Privacy Statement/Policy or the Disclaimer/Terms of Use may apply to certain subcomponents or services hosted by this server. These conditions will be available locally when accessing these components/services.

If you log in or obtain access to some of the services offered by this website, other users may be able to obtain information you may have provided either directly or indirectly. All users must respect each other s privacy, and without a written statement from the Project Team, they may not use or redistribute in any way any information obtained from this website; see the Disclaimer/Terms of Use notice available on this server. Additionally, individual users must request a written statement from each other before disclosing any identifiable information.

Information that is collected may be stored and processed in and transferred between across the globe. By using this website you agree to such cross-border transfers of information.

This website may contain links to other websites. By using this website you show that you understand that the Project Team and this website are not responsible for the Privacy and Disclaimers/Terms of Use of these other websites.

Contacting Us:

If you wish to have certain information added, changed or removed from this weserver, or,
In order to contact the Project Team please send an e-mail to:

This Privacy Statement/Policy may be changed without notice.
This Privacy Statement/Policy only applies to the online websites services hosted by the domain.

This Privacy Statement/Policy was last modified on 27/01/2014 and 14/06/2018 (typos, post-project fixes only).

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