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CE Submission Page

If you have finished your work on the Collaborative Exercise (CE) please submit your results as follows:

  1. Please send in your Answer Form to info@s-five.eu
  2. If your image material is smaller than 5 MB then please attach your image file archive to your e-mail.
  3. If your image material is larger than 5 MB then please set up a file sharing website (e.g. dropbox) and include the access information in your answer form (location/login and password).

The project team will send you a notification as soon as they have successfully obtained both your Answer Form and your file archive/image material.
Please await this return e-mail before deleting your files from the file sharing website.

If you are unable to set up such a file sharing website then please send an e-mail to info@s-five.eu notifying us about this issue, and we will try to provide you with an alternative solution.

If you wish to apply MD5/SHA1 checksumming to your file archive, please include this information in the Answer Form.

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