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Motivation and explanation

The (C) Notice provided below may seem rather restrictive.

However, please note that the SFIVE Project wishes to actively promote (re)use of the provided image material.

The (C) Notice was/is added for two main reasons:

  • the Project Team would like to keep an accurate account on how, when and what the material would be (re)used for. The sole purpose of this will be to accurately show relevance and report to ENFSI / the European Commission.
  • to make sure that nobody would seek to select or present (any parts of) the (derived) material that may not fully acknowledge the ENFSI/EC funding, or that would sidestep scientific principles such as completeness, peer review, soundness, etc.

It is thus expected that the SFIVE Project Team would quickly approve any request to have the material re-used for: internal training, educational or any other internal activities by Law Enforcement or Government Agencies; peer reviewed scientific publication; academic R&D activities. The Project Team may however object to re-use of (derived) images by commercial companies for the purpose of offering (paid for) training, white papers that may only show their own results (promotion through association), any (re)use that would try to identify or score participants, etc.

Copyright Notice, May 2015:

All image/video data provided through the S-FIVE project Collaborative Exercise webpage is considered to be copyright protected; (C) S-FIVE Project Team; http://s-five.eu/

The S-FIVE project team would like to thank the Metropolitan Police Service, London, UK, for all their efforts made in recording, analyzing and selecting this image material.

Any and all part(s) of the image/video data (including any and all video(sub-)sequences, (extracted) single image(s) or frames, any images regions, etc.) shall all be considered to be subject to the conditions outlined in this (C) Notice. Below, the term "linked to" (etc.) refers to "including or providing website references to (specific files)".

The provided image/video data may be (re)used, (re)distributed or linked to for purely non-commercial and scientific purposes. However:

  • Any and all intended (re)use, (re)distribution of, or linking to the image/video data shall always be reported to the S-FIVE Project Team (see contact information available at the Project Website).
  • This must be done prior to the actual (re)use, (re)distribution, or linking to the image/video data.
  • You must make sure that an acknowledgement of receiving your intended usage reporting is returned to you before you actually start to (re)use, (re)distribute or link to the image/video data.
  • If the S-FIVE Project Team does not return any answer within 20 working days, you must contact the ENFSI ( http://enfsi.eu/ ) Secretariat to obtain alternative contact information about the Project Team Members, and you must contact those persons individually.
  • At any time the Project Team may also require that you would comply to more detailed instructions that they may choose to provide in order to ensure that proper scientific or other ethical principles are being met (e.g.: attribution, ownership, integrity verification of the data, enabling objective, fair and full analysis and comparison of any obtained or derived use and results, etc.)
  • If the Project Team would deem your (re)use, (re)distribution of, or linking to the image/video material incompatible with the S-FIVE project aims (i.e., to objectively advance the field of forensic image/video enhancement), it may decide to revoke some or even all of your rights for (re)use, (re)distribution of, or linking to the image/video data, from the day that decision has been reached.
  • Any Project Team decisions can only be appealed with and subsequently finally decided by a majority vote of the ENFSI Digital Imaging Working Group (DIWG).

Without prior permission from the S-FIVE project team, any other (re)use, (re)distribution of, or linking to the image/video data is not allowed.

Additionally, the following strict condition must always be applied:
the following notice must be included fully, clearly and prominently (this means: e.g.: in at least 9pt font size in written documents, 18pt font size for presentations, etc.), and it must be fully visible and readable for at least 20 seconds before or while the image/video material is (re)used or made accessible when (re)distributed or linked to:

The image/video data used or mentioned here is (C) S-FIVE Project Team; http://s-five.eu/.
Please visit the Project Website to obtain the full Copyright Notice that applies to this image/video data, as well as any possibly more detailed or complete information about it.
The S-FIVE project is a project funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme; European Commission - Directorate-General Home Affairs, through the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) Monopoly 2011 programme "Improving Forensic Methodologies across Europe" (IFMAE).
The S-FIVE project team would like to thank the Metropolitan Police Service, London, UK, for all their efforts made in recording, analyzing and selecting this image material.

The S-FIVE Project Team shall not be liable in any way for any (derived) use of the image/video data.

Failure to comply with the conditions specified above may render any past, present or future (re)use, (re)distribution of, or linking to the provided image data illegitimate.

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