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(C) Conditions, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers and Privacy Statements concerning the CE Results

The SFIVE project team wishes to actively promote re-use of the original Collaborative Exercise (CE) image/video material as it was provided. However, this original CE image material was and remains protected by a fairly restrictive Copyright Notice. In summary, this (C) Notice states that any use or linking to the provided information will require you to first obtain permission to do so from the S-FIVE Project Team.

Currently, and until further notice, the results presented on the CE overview webpage and any of its subpages are considered to be subject to the same Copyright Notice/Conditions that apply for the original image/video material.
Similarly, the general Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy-Statements available via the S-FIVE webserver still apply, prohibiting, e.g., seeking any promotional advantage from or by referring to the S-FIVE Project Website.
Accessing any of the CE related webpages means that you will agree to and respect all conditions indicated in the above hyperlinked documents and any updates that may be made to them (from the date of change).

CE participants were requested to agree to a partial but limited transfer of their derived copyright rights for the images and information that they submitted.
However/In turn, the Project Team vowed only use the anonymized CE material for publication on the CE overview website, summary discussion at the DIWG2015 and EAFS2015 conference, and summarized reporting to ENFSI/the EC.
Any other (re-)use of the CE material was and will remain subject to the approval by the CE participants. Participant are only allowed to raise objections concerning their own submissions.

Additional Disclaimers

Please note that the S-FIVE project is not endorsing any particular result, product or method used. Additionally, it should be clear that any image manipulation or enhancement result shown may not reflect the best achievements or optimum achievable results that can be obtained using the specified tools. Many tools and procedures may be subject to important changes and variations related to the (competency and/or experience of the) human operator, the invested time effort, the number of (combinations of) parameters and methods evaluated, etc.

Wherever possible the S-FIVE team has attempted to provide summary information on these pages as to the main tool used. If there are any errors then please bring this to the attention of the S-FIVE Project Team. The S-FIVE Project Team can not be held responsible for any such errors whereby decisions, e.g., to purchase software, or any other derived conclusion may have been made. Also, the S-FIVE Project Team can not be held responsible by commercial companies if the result achieved using their product does not appear to show the best possible result obtained using product. As explained above image enhancement results are or may be dependent on many (human) parameters.


As announced earlier, the S-FIVE project team will only publish submitted CE results anonymously on the S-FIVE website.
Participants should notify and request permission from the S-FIVE Project Team before revealing their real identity vs. their anonymous ID to any other person external to the S-FIVE Project Team.

For publishing the results anonymously the project team (if needed):

  • renamed submitted files
  • removed the first page of the original submitted Answer Form
  • edited any explicit files, information or answers supplied or in the Answer Form (beyond page 1) which would lead to a participant’s anonymous ID being disclosed.

Approval by the CE participants was obtained as discussed also below.


While receiving CE submissions, the S-FIVE Project Team contacted some of the participants in order to find out if certain Answer Form text, image names, etc. could/should remain in place, or could be altered.

A first draft of the webpage with anonymized CE results was then reviewed during the SFIVE Workshop (June 15-18); this discussion was held under non-disclosure agreement of all workshop participants.

The final publication of the CE material will be/was completed in the following steps:

  • participants were invited to submit their comments (concerning e.g., correctness of results, meta-data (on main tool information), and the anonymized AnswerForm.

Please note that only comments regarding anonymity, clarification on methods used, or correction of errors were allowed; updating of results etc. was and will not be possible.

  • the final webpages will be/were made public.

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